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Patient–doctor communication very vital 3rd November 2010

I remember two contradictory quotes in Gujarati; “Na Bolyama Ma Nav Guna” (Keeping quiet has nine Virtues) and “Boley eNa Bor Vechaya” (Unless one shouts one cannot sell”. Experience explains contextual relevance of such contradictions.

Right communication, as in any other relationship, is more vital in patient–doctor relationship. Information not shared or partially shared may not help right diagnosis and treatment and at times may end up with poor outcome.

Poor literacy, conservative thinking or at times even ‘smart approach’ as experienced in practice are causes of such poor or wrong information. Ayurved, rich as it is while giving categories of patients has gives significance to expression of pain and illness by the patient.

A good physician is sensitive to such situations and tries fill in such communication gap.
A patient desirous of wellness must express the illness as it is and cooperate to provide all information that is asked.

Problem of communication may sound simple but is not uncommon as experienced.

More on ‘communication’, some other time.

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